Thursday, April 26, 2012

Chloe Sevigny: An Unconventional Beauty

With all this talk of "the most beautiful face in the world" lately (which, quite frankly, I find a snore), I want to talk about what I find beautiful. Forget about symmetry, I find novelty beautiful. I like things and people that are different, unique, quirky, mysterious... just something I haven't seen before. Of course, personal style plays a big part in that. Being attractive is more than just being a perfectly symmetrical floating head. Its the look in your eye, your confidence, your swagger, the way you carry yourself, and a well-developed sense of style that sets you apart from all 7 billion of your fellow human beings. 

Having said that, I fell in love with Chloe Sevigny for her roles in some of my favorite cult-classics, Gummo, Kids (She dated Harmony Korine), and American Psycho. Her proclivity towards indie movies gives her street cred. But it's her infallible style and her work in the fashion industry both in front of the lens and behind-the-scenes (editor of Sassy magazine, designer for Opening Ceremony) that has secured her it-girl status.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Cult Phenomenon

Everyone is going straight to hell. At least, that's what the fashion industry would have us believe. The last couple of years has seen satanic and occultic imagery plastered all over everything from t-shirts to high fashion spreads, music videos to runways. Urban Outfitters was an early adopter of this gothic style, Wildfox Couture had an entire collection called "It's Witchcraft", but brands like Unif and Pamela Love seem to be basing their entire image off of it. Let's face it, Satan is totally mainstream and every girl wants to be a witch. The question remains, is all this morbid symbolism merely a fad? Or is it a true sign of the times...

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I need a vacation. Okay, I just got back from one, but every time I see a tropical print (which is a lot this season) I yearn to be on an island, swimming with dolphins and taking showers under waterfalls. Even the nerdy kid in my Photoshop class's Hawaiian shirts are doin' it for me lately...