Saturday, June 30, 2012

An American Classic: The Denim Jacket

Just in time for the 4th of July, I wanted to do a post on something that's truly all-American. While I would argue that the Levi's denim jacket is timeless, and neither has nor will go out of style, it does appear to be having a "comeback" as of late. I would attribute this to the resurgence of grunge style in the past year. A symbol of youth, rebellion, and the working class, since it's invention there was never a decade without the denim jacket. In the 50's it was adopted by the greasers, in the 60's the hippies, in the 70's the punks. By the 80's it had become an iconic staple, popularized by the likes of Madonna and Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club. Then came the 90s, when, along with the waist-tied flannel, the grunge scene claimed it as their own. After that, the jean jacket took a breather and seemed to be worn only by those going for a specific vintage look (most commonly punk or rockabilly). But in 2012, baby, it's back and bigger than ever. It's having a full blown fashion moment, with Lookbook and Tumblr's ablaze with cool girls rocking vintage Levi's, Lee's, and Wrangler jackets, be it slashed, studded, bedazzled, dyed, patched or acid-washed. Which begs the question... are there enough vintage denim jackets in the world to satisfy the growing vintage fashion community??

All images from google and tumblr.

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